Love Yourself this February

Phew! January is done and we have kind of stuck to the New Year’s resolutions but for some that motivation has already slipped and all the old excuses are back as to why you have not been able to eat nutritiously and be more active! So with half term done […]


Why do I bother? Nothing ever works! Why did I eat that? I am too overweight / too old / too unfit to do an exercise class Why am I always on a diet? But I can’t put myself first as I have to do... Sound familiar? Do you find […]

Stop Hibernating!

Clocks have gone forward, there is a glimmer of warmer weather and spring is in the air! YAY! Oh hang on a minute, what has been happening under all those layers of winter clothes we have been wearing? Have you found yourself eating more rubbish food than usual during the […]

Sleep Better

How’s Your Sleep Hygiene? No I am not talking about whether you have a bath or shower before bed! I mean what is your night time routine. Do you find you are experiencing regular sleep disturbances? Are you feeling really tired during the day? How long does it take for […]