Stress-free Christmas?

The festive period has arrived. For most it is a busy and stressful time of year with gift buying, food shopping, socialising, nativity plays all on top of everyday activities such as work and crammed in to a short space of time! For many the pressure to create the perfect […]


Why do I bother? Nothing ever works! Why did I eat that? I am too overweight / too old / too unfit to do an exercise class Why am I always on a diet? But I can’t put myself first as I have to do... Sound familiar? Do you find […]

Stop Hibernating!

Clocks have gone forward, there is a glimmer of warmer weather and spring is in the air! YAY! Oh hang on a minute, what has been happening under all those layers of winter clothes we have been wearing? Have you found yourself eating more rubbish food than usual during the […]

Sleep Better

How’s Your Sleep Hygiene? No I am not talking about whether you have a bath or shower before bed! I mean what is your night time routine. Do you find you are experiencing regular sleep disturbances? Are you feeling really tired during the day? How long does it take for […]