Thrive is a community lifestyle and fitness club

What makes Thrive different is the flexibility of membership options available to you.

We understand that everyone is busy juggling work, home and family and although it is important to combine fitness with great nutrition, there are times when it is just not possible. Therefore, at Thrive we offer fitness only classes, nutrition only programmes or a combination of the two.

At Thrive you will learn how good nutrition can help you feel comfortable in your own skin, how you can feel energised to tackle those everyday challenges and how to lose inches to regain your body confidence.

At Thrive we believe it’s important to embrace the ever evolving styles of fitness and so we bring you a wide variety of classes with something for everyone. These include Old Skool Aerobics, Fitness Pilates, Pound®, Clubbercise® Kettlebells and Fitsteps®. Plus various courses throughout the year.

Thrive also offers small group Wellbeing programmes. As women we go through various life stages which mean our nutrition and fitness requirements change. At Thrive we will be providing specific programmes to help and support women through those different times.

Meet Lesley

Lesley Birkett-Cameron

Lesley has been providing nutrition, fitness and lifestyle classes within the community for over 10 years. During that time she has been listening to what people want and having collated and absorbed that information and came up with the idea of Thrive.

Here are some of the questions she’s been asked about herself, by new members coming along to her fitness and nutrition classes over those years plus some trivia ones!

Q: Do you know what it’s like to be REALLY big?
A: YEP! I used to have job travelling all over the UK staying in hotels Mon – Thurs then at the weekend I’d be too tried/busy to bother cooking so we’d have takeaways or really nice supermarket prepared food (I used to love the M&S ‘dine in for’ deals!) At my biggest I was a size 24 and weighed in over 17 stones. So definitely know what ‘BIG’ feels like!

Q: How long did it take for you to get to your goal?
A: I lost my first 5 stones in 6 months! I was a woman on a mission with my nutrition and made sure I did cardio classes as well as weight resistance classes and I didn’t drink any wine! Don’t worry I didn’t go tee-total just no wine! The last 2 stones took longer as that was when I was starting up my original diet and fitness classes. Now I waver between a size 10 and a 12 depending on how focused I’m being, oh and how stressed I might be!

Q: You’re always so ‘bouncy’ – how come when you teach all these classes?
A: LOL!!! I’m addicted to the endorphins from the exercise, plus I try to eat the right things most of the time. I LOVE what I do too so I am really lucky

Q: Are you married?
A: Yup – been married to Andy for 23 years. He needs a medal for putting up with me for so long.

Lesley at her heaviestQ: Favourite celebrity to work out with?
A: Yikes that’s a tough one. I’ve gotta go with 3 (although this is gonna change over time I think!) David Beckham, James Corden and Jillian Michaels

Q: What’s your favourite type of exercise?
A: To get the best results and fast I’d have to go with HIIT or Kettle Bells. For toning up? FitSteps® or Fitness Pilates. For all round fun and a sweatfest? Clubbercise® or Pound®.

Q: Favourite quote or saying?
A: LOL!!! Apparently I have a few! Right now I think the main ones are “sing to me” when I’m teaching Clubbercise or “are you sweating yet? Good that’s your fat crying – keep going”

Q: How would you describe yourself in just 5 words?
A: Bonkers, passionate, caring, determined (Ok – stubborn!), supportive