Love Yourself this February
Stop Hibernating!
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Why do I bother?
Nothing ever works!
Why did I eat that?
I am too overweight / too old / too unfit to do an exercise class
Why am I always on a diet?
But I can’t put myself first as I have to do...

Sound familiar? Do you find yourself saying one of these or something similar? Yep, we all do it or have all done it! We create doubt in our minds about our abilities and then this affects everything we do that day, that week or longer term. We are also great in putting everyone else first because we can wait till later. However all of this then becomes excuses, we then turn to crap food, we feel tired, so don’t want to exercise and so it continues.

Thanks to (Girls Aloud) Cheryl’s pregnancy the latest ad campaign from L’Oreal has had massive exposure and actually it is a brilliant campaign!

Aiming to turn ‘self-doubt’ into ‘self–worth’, the campaign responds to new figures from The Prince’s Trust, which reveal that one in three young people say they don’t believe in themselves. The campaign features Dame Helen Mirren and Cheryl plus another 13 ambassadors from the Prince’s Trust, who will share their own stories in a series of films highlighting how they have been affected by self-doubt.

This week, Wednesday 8th March is also International Women’s Day and this year’s campaign is called #BeBoldforChange. This is such a strong message as it focusses on improving healthcare and opportunities for women worldwide.

However you can make that change yourself.

This week I want you to be #BeBoldforChange and be brave in making the right changes for your health and fitness. Take it on a day by day basis to make those changes. Rome was not built in a day nor by eating well for one day, will not make you lose inches but it will make you feel empowered to continue with those changes and soon see how much better you feel and look.

Making changes can be difficult but first you must believe in you and stop the self-doubt!
So this week let’s #BeBoldforChange and take a step out of our comfort zone, take those positive steps because you know what?

YOU are, definitely WORTH IT!!