We LOVE these Plans and had great fun trialling the recipes and the Plans ourselves before almost 50 of our existing members trialled them for us earlier this year. For optimum results it’s best to put the two plans together and do the full 28 days.

the 7-day hiit it hard reset planthe 21-day hiit it hard plan

Trust us when we say the first 3-4 days can be the hardest. On these plans we remove ALL the artificial stimulants that may be in your existing ‘diet’ – caffeine, sugar (including fruit), alcohol, additives, preservatives, plus potential irritants like gluten and dairy.

Did your brain just ask you what’s left to eat??!!! Absolutely loads!!!

50 people trialled the plans for us, men and women, aged between 30 and 70.

  • Average Body Fat percentage lost was 2% best result was 4%
  • Average inch loss was 10inches the best was 18inches
  • Average weight loss was 10lbs best was 1st 6lbs
  • Muscle Mass was maintained or increased
  • Body water percentages increased
  • In many cases members’ metabolic ages decreased – best result was by 12 years

Here’s what they had to say at the end of the trial –

"It was tough at first but well worth the journey. I feel so much better in myself. I used to suffer from acid reflux but that has gone and I like the way I look and feel"

"The difference with this plan is the support and encouragement to achieve an improvement in your health and wellbeing. Following the programme gets you into good habits that will stay with you."

"The results are great. It’s great food and you don’t feel like you are dieting. My tastebuds have changed for the better – brilliant!"

"I really enjoyed the plan and quickly found the benefits out-weighed the symptoms! All the menu choices we tried were delicious and I never felt hungry. Also my PCOS symptoms REALLY improved."

"A complete change in the way I think about food and it gave me the inspiration to make the effort after work. The moussaka was mega! For someone who is crap at cooking I thought this would be a hard 4 weeks. But it wasn’t and I didn’t feel hungry AND I’m chuffed with the results!"

"I loved it once I got over the first week which was hard. It’s the only thing i@ve been able to stick to for a long time because the food cravings were so reduced. It was great to be able to lose weight but feel satisfied and not hungry all the time"

"Great plan easy to follow and stick to. My tastebuds have improved, skin has improved and my eyes, which used to weep all the time and the doctor told me was hormonal so there was nothing they could do, don’t anymore!"

"Definitely feel much better and have enjoyed the type of food I’ve been eating and the good it is doing my body. For the first time in years I haven’t had a constant bag of sweets in my car."

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