This plan is just that. Everyday REAL food, cooked from scratch – don’t worry if you don’t think you’re a great cook, we’ve worked with some of our existing members who said the same thing too and they’ve helped us make sure YOU CAN do this.

the everyday plan

We have 8 simple guidelines that will work -

  • with family life,
  • if you’re always on the go,
  • if there’s 1 of you to feed or a big family.

We know weekdays can be crazy busy so we’ve included quick, easy to follow recipes and ideas for during the week. For the weekend when you might have a bit more time there’s some which you might want to take your time over. Most of all we want you to ENJOY your food – THIS IS NOT A DIET! When you enjoy what you can eat at mealtimes you don’t want to go cupboard/fridge surfing to satisfy your taste buds later!!

Do you weigh in each week? NO – this isn’t about the number at the scales remember? Your first week we will take a body composition reading, measure your inches and if you want it take a ‘before’ photo. We will have ‘regular’ weighing scales in classes each week but we as your coaches will not be stationed at them. We will however, once every month, take your body composition readings, measure your inches and take a ‘current’ photo so that you and we can track your progress with your body fat, muscle mass, inch loss, body water and metabolic age.

I guess now the only question is – can I drink alcohol?

Simple answer? Yes, in moderation BUT if you want the best results you might want to hold off on the booze for a week or two!

Here’s what a typical day might look like –

First thing – Hot water with fresh lemon juice. Great for your liver and to wake your body gently. (we know you’d REALLY like that tea or coffee but trust us – we’re working with your hormones here!)

Breakfast – Fruit and nut yogurt

Lunch – Chicken salad

Dinner – Italian meatballs in tomato sauce and courgetti

Easy right? So why not contact us now to find out about our special joining offers